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Maineiax Lacrosse Club:  (Boys & Girls) Maineiax Lacrosse is the way lacrosse should be! A premier boys and girls lacrosse club in Maine and offer programs for K-12th graders. Their club revolves around a high level of organization, clear and efficient communication and elite coaching. With players from over 115 towns throughout Maine, Maineiax welcome all players to join their lacrosse family. www.maineiax.com.

Maine Mussels ~ (Boys) Another great program in Maine! The Maine place to grow lacrosse, the Mussels effectively grow the sport of lacrosse in Maine with proper training/technique from coaches to players of all levels. https://mainemusselslax.com

Casco Bay Lacrosse (Box!) ~ Box Lacrosse just got going at Casco Bay Arena in Falmouth in 2016, and we had an understandably slow start. Box is a Canadian creation, and it is a hybrid of lacrosse and hockey... it moves really fast, is physical, and has stick skills that are through the roof. You see most of the "plays of the week" in the NCAA and MLL for amazing shots... most of them come from players who come out of Box lacrosse.  This clip gives you a sense https://youtu.be/uOMNj3OVVtA  although what we play at Casco Bay is much less physical, especially at the younger levels. No question that playing Box pushes skills up and out!


Maineiax Lacrosse Camp: 
Open to any boys or girls players in grades 5-12th and is recommended for all Summer Travel players. An all-star coaching staff, facilities, and an unbelievable curriculum will be offered to enhance the players Lacrosse IQ and skills! Each camper will receive individual and group instruction that focuses on building fundamental skills and game knowledge. Training camp will be an overnight team bonding camp (with a day camp option). All skill levels are welcome! https://maineiax.com/camp

Rhino Lacrosse Camp (partners with Game Breaker camps, run by the Powell Brothers)  In addition to the youth session in the mornings, and the HS session in the afternoons, they have added an all-day program for 5th-8th graders, where they are in the regular youth crowd in the morning, and then those that are all-day have a smaller focus, in the afternoon, and will play on the other side of the stadium from the HS players.

Bowdoin Lacrosse Camp ~ Another great camp! Lot of our youth players up there and diggin' it, year after year...Really well run camp, with a slew of great coaches. 


There are loads of other lacrosse camps, especially for HS students... look 'em up on the internet. Great camps at Endicott, for a local-ish thing, but a lot of the big lacrosse schools put on camps in the summer, and it is a great way to experience a little of what those programs are like, and to meet other players & coaches. There are specific camps for goalies, face offs, and the like, too, so check that out. 



Watch MLL games... because they're awesome! You can watch on Lax Sports Network very often, but some of the bigger games are on other cable channels. 


this can be played anywhere, anytime, with anybody... old/young, boy/girl, experienced/inexperienced... mix it up! We've had some Speed in the gyms in the winter, but if you have a bucket or two, or a recycling bin, or a couple of small goals 3.5'x3.5' (official speed size)or 4'x4'(Box size), you're good to go... no pads, soft ball. can be a tennis ball, or a pinky. I've heard some of the boys say "this isn't real lacrosse!", but for my two cents, if the Powell Brothers are playing it, and the Thompsons are playing it.... it's lacrosse for sure. It is a different, controlled thing, and one that will push your game forward... especially in terms of positioning, off-ball movement, etc. Think of pick-up hoops... it's a lot like that. We may have some pick-up speed games this summer for those who can make it... but i encourage any/all to get it going in your back yard, at a friends, or on a public field, beach, or court. Have fun with it!

https://youtu.be/vZ5DCreZTMw  (Casey Powell on the rules of Speed