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help with wifi dropouts
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Subject: help with wifi dropouts
Posted by: westinbrodey of <a href='http://alohalax.org' target='_blank'>alohalax.org</a>
Hello all,

can i please get some help?

i was using my laptop connected to the 5G band from my router using WiFi,when all of a sudden the internet speed slowed right down to a crawl, i checked the speed on a speed test , and it was like 2MB/s , my router is down stairs so i took the laptop down there and all of a sudden my internet speed jumped up to 45MB/s , most of the time i dont have any trouble at all with internet speed . i thought that there would be no interference as its a 5G band, i live in a unit block with 8 other units
i downloaded a program that showed about 8 other networks in the area and they were all in 2.4 band , any ideas of what happened here ? this has happened a few times now.

Thank you

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